SPR Retail is a fast growing E-commerce company with its own webshops throughout Europe. In order to facilitate this growth on a continuous basis, we are constantly looking for talent.

Pleasant working conditions and presenting are key elements for SPR Retail.

To enable pleasant working conditions we are building a modern and  warm office environment where you will really feel at home; call it a homely atmosphere and a natural setting, furnished in accordance with the latest styling trends and equipped with the most modern techniques.

We are Always in search of TOP people.

TOP in our opinion means:

Team spirit and the desire to co-operate;

Opportunity conscious mind, always looking for improvement of systems and their own person;

Performance as first priority; these people are really after results.

If you are such a TOP person, you will certainly feel at home in our organisation and you will definitely recognize yourself in the culture fit below:


  1. Customer orientedness  – We are engaged in contacts with internal and external relations. We are committed to starting and maintaining long-term relationships with our customers.
  2. Integrity – Trust and regulation form the basis for the way we think, work and act. We are straightforward and we avoid surprises.


  1. A deal is a deal! We stick to our deals.


  1. Respect – We respect each other and act accordingly. We are open to different opinions.


  1. Communication – We communicate in a pro-active manner. It is our mutual responsibility to give, look for and share information.


  1. Focus on results – We develop our own realistic targets and we take responsibility in achieving these targets.


  1. Principle of leadership and/or principle of collegiality – We value people and are constantly looking for ways to develop their contributions, skills and knowledge further. We delegate responsibilities and powers. We guide our people in a constructive way.


  1. Competence – We are well knownfor our competent staff. We are continually working on professional and personal development.


  1. Evolution – Changes are normal and a precondition for inprovement. We appreciate initiatives and we are prepared to face and accept the occurrence of mistakes, assuming that we learn from our mistakes.


Co-operation – collective interest takes precedence over individual interest.


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